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Jamie MacDonald

Partner, Extension Artist

A founding partner of Tease & Company, Jamie is obsessed with making women feel beautiful and empowering each of them to reach and realize their true potential. 

After a terribly botched haircut back in ‘13, Jamie explored the hair-extension avenue, only to settle on the best available method; nanolink extensions. She wore a set herself before taking the training course and was then mentored personally by one of the most locally influential women in the hair extension industry today. Now, with years of experience, thousands of installations and hundreds of happy clients, she is hands down one of the best extension techs in Oxford County. 

At Tease & Company, the importance of upgraded and continual education is paramount, so you can find Jamie transforming women daily as well as working on her hair styling apprenticeship, learning from the best in the biz, Sara B. Jamie’s goal is to offer a well-rounded service, in a salon where women feel at home and comfortable. 

“Tease & Co – Home of the Hot Mess”